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Seditex Sourcing Team

Frank Vossen Founder

Frank Vossen


Born in Congo, then later moved to Chile and Belgium. At 17 he took a course in Quality Control in Switzerland and was assigned to a vertical knitting apparel factory in Pakistan. He ran a cottage industry apparel manufacturing setup in India for 3 year then gradually also started working with factories in Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam.

Settled in Vietnam since 1999 he has been building his quality control and sourcing business for 20 years. In addition to textile manufacturing he has helped set up factories for sewing, diamond polishing and fabric washing. He also owns a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

Prem Kumar

Sourcing Team Leader

Born in India. His family has been in the garment industry for three generations. His background is in accounting, fashion design, merchandising and quality control.

He started his career as a pattern maker and then moved to quality control, production and merchandising. He worked in Jordan for ten years managing production for Denims and then a golf apparel line. He has been working for Seditex 5 years.
Chris Walker helps start ups in Vietnam

Chris Walker

Marketing and Communications

Born in USA and raised in Europe. Chris speaks English, Vietnamese, German and Spanish. He has been working in the Vietnam Garment Industry since 2008. His expertise is advising fashion start-ups. He has written three books for fashion start-ups addressing garment production, buying Eco fabrics and quality control.

His role in Seditex is to maintain the marketing website and have initial conversations with clients to understand their needs and suggest an action plan.
Tiffany knows shoe factories in Vietnam

Tiffany Nguyen

Project Assistant

Born in Vietnam she studied English and learned sourcing on the job. She has been working for Seditex 4 years.
Thuy QC co-ordinator


QC Co-ordinator

Born in Vietnam. She manages 30 quality control staff in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. She has been working for Seditex 5 years.
Sourcing Specialist
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Sourcing Specialist
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Sourcing Specialist
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Sourcing Specialist
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Message from Frank

Hi, my name is Frank and I have been working in Asia for 34 years. I setup Seditex Vietnam in 2000. I employ 30 dedicated QC/QA performing inspections & audits in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Madagascar. Our clients asked us to source factories so we started a sourcing team. Our goal is to perfectly match our clients with suppliers and then offer our quality control services. Quality control is my trade.

My hobby is setting up factories. I love the challenge of taking an existing production line and finding ways to improve efficiency. I have set up several factories and completed many factory assessments as a consultant in South East Asia as well as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. My unique selling point is that I have both buyers and manufacturers best interest in mind.

Our quality control clients also need help setting up companies and leasing office space. Since I have opened several companies in Vietnam, I can help you set up your company in Vietnam. I even offer hosting in my office if you just need a desk or two to get your staff settled in quickly. If you need prime office space then my staff has commercial real estate experience to help you survey the market quickly with no strings attached.

Asia is my turf. Here is what I see. China is getting less competitive for low cost goods, Bangladesh is cheap but lacks reliability. Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are the obvious alternatives which is why I settled in Vietnam. Madagascar allows for duty free imports into the USA, so it’s a trump-card for landed cost savings. If you are focused on South East Asia then let me introduce you to Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Our mission is to help you find factories fast and grow your business in South East Asia. We are not agents. We don't get paid based on commissions. We get paid one service at a time and our rates are very reasonable. We aim to help you source quickly and become your long term quality control service provider. We value a friendly and professional working style. Let’s get started today with an introductory consultation. Keep reading to learn how we work.

I speak English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and a bit of Hindi and Vietnamese.

My role in our sourcing company in Vietnam is owner, manager and consultant. I love to share my knowledge and help people grow their businesses.
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What makes a tech pack great?

What minimum information needs to be in a garment tech pack in order for a factory to give you a price you can bet on? We live in Vietnam and work for a garment factories in Ho Chi Minh City. We receive tech packs from fashion designers and entrepreneurs around the world asking us for a Vietnam manufacturing price. The problem is that 9 times out of 10 their tech packs are incomplete. Our tip is, if you want an accurate price quote from a factory then we recommend you provide an complete tech pack. The following garment tech pack tip list is what we define as a complete tech pack based on our experience working in Vietnam as manufacturing consultants.

Manufacturing consultants in Vietnam tip #1

Have your Flat Sketch The flat sketch is a two dimensional technical drawing. The flat sketch is not just white fill and black outlines. No shading or texture details. There should be sketches of the front, back and any unusual details you consider important. The sketch should be in black and white and drawn to scale as best as possible.

Include Measurement Chart for 1st Sample I am assuming you don't have all the size measurements for each size (small, medium, large, XL, XXL, etc.) To get started you must provide the factory with the measurements for at least one size - usually size medium. The factory will use these measurements to make the 1st sample often referred to as the fit sample.

Manufacturing experts in Vietnam tip #2
Don't forget Order Quantity Chart Before the factory can quote you a price they need to know the quantity breakdown for the style (one style per tech pack.) They need to know quantity per color and or quantity per artwork. Let's say you are making 1,000 black t-shirts with 5 different screen prints. That is 200 pieces per print on the same black fabric. The factory needs to know the quantity breakdown because it affects the price significantly. Quantity per size is not necessary for the initial price quotation.

Manufacturing advisors in Vietnam tip #3
Perfect your Written or Visual Description Write down any details about the garment that are not obvious in the sketches. Add more images if you have them. Describe in detail components like collars, plackets, cuffs, fastenings, bar tacks, artwork placement or packing instructions. Describe in detail the silhouette, body, and styling you are expecting.

Manufacturing consultants in Vietnam tip #4
List the Bill of Materials The BOM includes everything that needs to be bought to put the garment together. At a minimum you must include the main fabric and any additional fabrics. For fabric, describe the yarn, knit structure, weave structure, weight, Pantone color, finish and width. In addition to fabric, list things like lining, piping, ribbons, shoulder pads, neck tape, thread, buttons, labels, hang tags, hang tag thread, hang tag pins, tissue, poly-bags and desiccant bags. Be as detailed as possible to make sure nothing is overlooked. Make sure you include a column for supplier. If you have nominated suppliers then list the supplier company name.

Production consultants in Vietnam tip #5
Remember the List of Stitches and Seams If you have any specific stitch or seam requirements then list them here. Illustrate or just write the descriptions of joining operations. Include details like stitches per inch, width of seams, seam allowances, and ISO numbers for each seam. Garment Tech Pack Check List Item #6
List of Embellishments If you have any screen prints, embroideries, lace, appliqué, sequins, patches, shoulder pads, stones, or beads then list them here. You can illustrate or just write the descriptions of details like placement, ink type, Pantone colors and stitches per inch for embroidery.

Textile consultants in Vietnam tip #7
Describe Branding Artwork Here is where you go into detail for anything that has branding on it. Branding usually is placed on labels, hang tags, embrodieries or small prints. Show exactly where the branding artwork goes and reference the file name of the artwork. The files will need to be sent separately. Often branding will be combined with care instructions and information like country of origin, RN #s, fabric composition, and detailed washing instructions. Packing includes branding so be sure to include the details of branding on items like poly bags and carton boxes.

Manufacturing consultants in Ho Chi Minh City tip #8
Include Measurement Chart for Grading This section needs to exist but not necessarily filled in. As mentioned early, first the factory will quote price. Then they will make a "1st Sample." If you decide to go ahead then they will grade your sample from medium size up to, say, XXL and down to say, XS. When they do the grading they will fill in this measurement chart. If you have the grading done in advance then include your complete measurements here. Be sure to include acceptable tolerances for each measurement.

Manufacturing consultants in Vietnam tip#9
Give the Point of Measurement Diagrams When it comes time to perform a quality control check the factory needs to know where to measure from. They need to be on the same page as you. Use illustrations to show clearly where you expect them to measure to check if the measurements are within tolerances.

Manufacturing consultant in Vietnam tip #10
Have Headers on On Every Page Be sure to include your company or brand name, name of designer, the style identifier, size range, sample size, the date and version number on each page.

Industry consultants in Vietnam tip #11
Provide a List for Tracking Changes Create a list that is empty and ready to receive comments and or changes as the development progresses. Include a column for comment/change, person in charge, date, action plan, and deadline. What If You Don't Know? If there is anything you don't know then add the comment "to be provided by factory."

Manufacturing consultants in Vietnam tip #12
Creating a complete tech pack is not easy. If you take short cuts when it comes to preparing the tech pack, then can the factory take short cuts when it comes to quoting price? Garbage in, Garbage out, right?

Creating a complete tech pack requires technical training and experience. If you wing it and create what you think will suffice then you are setting yourself up for failure. My advice is to have your tech packs created by a professional in your country before you send to Vietnamese factories. Professional tech pack creators know what minimum information needs to be in a garment tech pack in order for a factory to give you a price you can bet on.

What is the dollar value of a tech pack? How much does it cost to have a tech pack made? I use as a reference point. See their pricing for your reference. Generally speaking a tech pack dollar value is $1,000. If you don't have tech packs, then do you expect the factory to create them for you? Does that mean you are asking the factory to do $1,000 dollars of free work? How would you feel if someone ask you to do $1,000 dollars worth of free work. If you have your tech packs made in advance and they are professional and complete, then your chance of success increase exponentially!

How do tech packs save you time and money in the long run?

First, know that a good factory will be able to quote price and make a sample from a complete and professional tech pack.

You can send your tech packs by email, for free, to factories in Mexico, Peru, China, India, Vietnam and Sri Lanka simultaneously - and 4/10 will reply back with a price. Now you have a price and you know you are comparing apples to apples, plus, you know that the 4/10 that replied are seriously interested in your business which is half the battle won! At this point you can ask the 4 to make counter samples and they might just do it for free! Now you've got pricing, you've got counter samples and you can pick the one you like best to move forward with. It's faster and cheaper in the long run to invest $1,000 upfront to have your tech packs made professionally and then use the power of email as opposed to travelling to all countries and trying to develop the samples on-site using the factories precious manpower and resources.



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